Bubble gum, licorice, lollipops, gummy rockets, bursting sweets and chocolate bombs, these are just some of the amazing sweets available for you to try in PG SOFT™’s newest game, Candy Burst!

Players with a sweet tooth will not only find this game satisfying for all your candy cravings but will also be shocked by the amount of hidden surprises that awaits them!

Candy Burst is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring special symbols that cascades more wins. This game contains multiple varieties of sweets and will also award players with special sweets like Gummy Rocket, Chocolate Bomb and Mystery Sweet when players get 5 or more combinations of symbols!

Hold onto your sweet tooth because there is more! If there are 2 or more special symbol sweets on the reels, these special sweets will be activated together to unlock even better surprises! That’s not all, stand a chance to multiply your wins by up to x10 in the Candy Burst Feature or win 10 spins in the Free Spins Feature as well!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.